Concrete Barrier Forms

Concrete Barrier Forms

Concrete Barrier forms by OHIO FORMS are custom manufactured to your specifications. Made from strong 3/16″ thick carbon steel, these forms are designed for easy setting and stripping. Also available in 1/4″ thick design.

  • Symmetrical (double-contour) concrete median barrier.
  • Parapet (single-contour) concrete barrier.
  • 10′ sections bolt together to form a rigid, free standing assembly.
  • No lateral bracing is required, reducing traffic obstruction.
  • Moment arms or other custom top-joining devices are available
  • Assembled form sections can be advanced by crane to reduce set-up time.
  • Standard-duty forms have two end plates and three center gusset plates.
  • Heavy-duty forms have two end plates and five center gusset plates.
  • Punched holes in treads or face are available for an added cost.

Standard 32" New Jersey Designs

Four Standard Shapes

  • Contour Form with Radius Bend
  • Contour Form with V-Bend
  • Straight Form Vertical
  • Straight Form with Vertical Offset